Milestone AV Technology Chooses our DiSC Personality Workshop to Help With Sales Training

Milestone AV Technologies salespeople here in Eden Prairie wanted a little boost in their customer service delivery, so they came to us for help.

We suggested our DiSC™ Personality workshop taught by one of our DiSC certified instructors, and it turned out great.

Milestone AV Technologies sells audio/Milestone AV DiSC Personality Training Workshop Eden Prairie Minnesotavisual technology around the world, so their salesforce has to be cracker-jack on the phone.  Everyone knows that being the best means continuous training and development, which is why we offer a full range of choices in our workshops.

DiSC™ Personality training goes beyond your typical team-building workshop.  It teaches people how to understand personality and behavior, so they can communicate better.  And for salespeople, this is such a crucial part of their job!

The Milestone AV group gained skills they could use immediately.

We love doing the DiSC™ assessment because it never fails to teach groups so much in such a short time.  Our all-time favorite way to see this in action is with people who work in sales, like the Milestone AV group.

By first taking the DiSC assessment ahead of time, participants arrived on the day of their workshop with a little preview of what was to come.  We helped them interpret their results, stressing the fact that there are no wright or wrong answers.  The group was fascinated to discover which of the 4 personality types they were.

After learning about their own personalities, the AV group then learned how to determine what categories others would be.  It takes a lot of practice to recognize styles, but these guys were enthralled with the process so they got the hang of it pretty quickly!

They were excited to put their new knowledge to use on the job.  Customer service agents get lots of ways to practice personality assessment: each customer is a fresh try!

Making sense of the DiSC™ Personality Assessment

Basically, a DiSC™ workshop like this one conducted for the Milestone AV group consists of three modules:

  1. learning about your own personality
  2. learning how personality affects behavior and more specifically: communication
  3. applying those lessons to real-world scenarios

The Milestone group came to us with very specific goals in mind:

  1. they wanted to increase sales effectiveness by learning about communication styles
  2. they wanted to learn how to gauge customers’ communication styles in order to serve them better

We found one activity in particular was very effective at helping them reach their goals.  It was the activity where the group was divided into sub-groups according to their DiSC™ assessment results.  Working with people who had similar personality traits helped them learn about how the DiSC™  system really works in real life.

They brainstormed ways to be better at sales by focusing on the communication style of each individual customer.

Feedback is fantastic.

The group gave glowing feedback for the DiSC™ Personality Training workshop.  Some even said they’d had similar personality training in the past with other companies but this had been so much better…and lots more fun!

If you’d like to schedule a DiSC™ Personality Training with one of our registered DiSC™ instructors, give us a call and we can tell you how to get started.