Our Corporate Team Building Activities Deliver More than Just Fun and Games!

A fun day of corporate team building activities can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.  Here in our Minneapolis training group it means making serious inroads towards professional development.  But we know it’s important not to forgo the engagement factor which comes so easily when fun and games are involved.

We know you prefer to invest your training dollars in events that actually help your teams improve and move forward.  That’s why each and every one of our corporate team building activities offers fun yet challenging tasks that encourage your team to think, learn, and grow.

When teams are challenged, they grow.

Every team likes a good challenge.  We had that in mind when we put together our corporate team building workshops for the Minneapolis area.  Activities are thought-provoking and call upon participants to use their teamwork skills to accomplish the goals we set for them.

By locking in engagement, our facilitators provide a stress-free environment for getting down to business and working on real team building skills.  There are no lectures here, just hands-on activities to keep participants motivated.

Debriefing locks in teamwork lessons.

Every activity has a purpose that’s related to real workplace skills.  By engaging in debriefing sessions that encourage participants to reflect upon their activities during the workshop, teams learn how the lessons learned during the workshop can be transferred directly back to the work environment.

Results-driven workshops for tangible improvements.

One rule around here, for all of our Minneapolis-based corporate team building activities, is that they follow the three-step model for success:

  1. Activity
  2. Debrief
  3. Transfer

We’ve found that this is the perfect formula for experiential learning.  Creating a platform for discussion is the key to long-lasting results.  That’s the debriefing session, which of course is the prerequisite for transfer.  After all, what good are teamwork lessons if they’re not carried back to the work environment?

So you see, our corporate team building activities are designed around getting results.  We’re after insights, not just a fun day of games.  That’s what separates us from the rest.

Customized workshops so you meet your goals.

We listen to your goals during the consultation phase of each workshop.  Only by learning what you want for your team, or what challenges your team is facing, can we create the right blend of activities for you.  That means we take the time to listen to what you have to say…it’s important!

Ready to challenge your team in the best possible way?  Ready to see some tangible results coming from your training investment?  Give us a call today and we’ll get started creating the fun and results-driven workshops we’re known for.