Medtronic Targets Leadership Communication

Good communication from top leaders is massively important no matter what business you’re in.

Medtronic, based right here in Minneapolis knows this better than any company, which is why they sent a group of 11 of their leaders to us.

Team Synergy™ is one of our corporate team building workshops often chosen for groups comprised of leaders.  We also will suggest this one for groups of high-performing employees whose default mode is competition…even when it’s not called for!

Team Synergy™ is for collaboration.

Medtronic-LogoWhen A-listers get together, it’s only natural for a competitive atmosphere to suddenly erupt.  But that’s not always a productive way to be when it comes to getting things done in a group.  So, when leadership communication is the goal of the day, we focus on removing barriers to collaboration.

Team Synergy™ activities lend themselves to an environment where shared outcomes are the norm, so competition can take a back seat.  Participants combine efforts to reach the tiny goals we give them during the course of the workshop.

The Medtronic group moves quickly from icebreakers to fun, collaborative exercises.

In Team Synergy™, icebreakers are crucial to setting the right atmosphere.  More than any other workshop, barriers need to be removed so competitive impulses don’t flare up!  Once a stress-free zone was established, the Medtronic group began working in teams on their commercials.

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-Logo“Commercials” is designed to help groups find fun, non-threatening patterns of communication that lead to project success.  Teams write TV commercials for a product, then they perform them for the whole room.  Putting their work out there in front of everyone enforces the collaborative spirit, for sure!

Good leadership begins with communication.

Leadership is built on a trio of communication, comprehension, and interaction.  Team Synergy™ works for leaders like those from Medtronic because it covers all 3:

  1. Communication skills are de rigeur for getting past the first activity of the day.
  2. Comprehension is essential when sharing information, which happens throughout the workshop.
  3. Finally interaction is built into everything we do: it’s hands-on activities through and through!

Medtronic’s small group meant a few bonus challenges.

Interactive learning takes on a whole new dynamic when there are only 11 people in a workshop.  When fewer people share the spotlight, it’s a more intense experience!

But that’s what icebreakers are for.  The group from Medtronic did a great job, had a lot of fun, and learned about about Team Synergy™.  Next, they want to continue the journey and sign up for our DiSC™ Personality Styles workshop or our Campfire Leadership™ program or even our Public Speaking Training.  We’re ready when you are!