Harness the potential of your A-list performers with Team Synergy ™, a workshop focusing on improving collaboration skills.

Your all-star performers bring individual talents to the table, but teamwork is the multiplier effect that will see your group to its ultimate success.  Team Synergy ™ does this for you, bringing everyone together for even higher levels of performance.

High-performing groups learn the value of collaboration.

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoAll-star employees shine bright but when you’ve got more than one star in the room teamwork sometimes takes a back seat.  Team Synergy ™ helps realign your group’s focus, helping them remember the value of diversity, the power of collaboration, and the incredible things they can achieve when they open up lines of communication and work as a team.

What takes place in a Team Synergy ™ workshop?

Corporate-Team-Building-Activities-Team-Synergy-FloorThe first goal is to begin breaking down silos and paving the way for better communication.  To that end, facilitators ease groups into a more open environment by opening up with icebreakers.  Icebreakers serve to knock down barriers and establish a friendly environment, so the real work can begin.

Participants are then guided through a series of hands-on activities which build upon each other.  Teams may learn about personality styles or how to maximize the strengths of each individual.  When everyone realizes that “different” doesn’t mean “wrong”, they can begin drawing upon those diverse strengths to work as a truly effective team.

Watch as stars become team players.

Throughout the Team Synergy ™ workshop as barriers to communication come tumbling down, participants relax into the friendly, cooperative atmosphere.  Competition gives way to collaboration as team players work their way together through obstacles set before them.

The interactive modules give participants concrete examples of how collaboration can work for them.  Debriefing sessions show them how to transfer those lessons back to the workplace.  Keeping an eye on the goal of long-term positive change, groups are led by our facilitators to reflect on their activities during the workshop.  It’s all part of our training system designed to build valuable skills for team players.

Is your group ready for Team Synergy ™?

You’ll be amazed at what your team is capable of once barriers are broken down and real collaboration begins:

  • Corporate-Team-Building-Activities-Team-Synergy-CardYou’ll see a jump in the success of group problem-solving.
  • You’ll see individuals begin working as a team.
  • You’ll see vast improvements in your team’s ability to see the Big Picture.
  • You’ll see colleagues connecting with each other on a deeper level of understanding.

Interested in boosting the synergy of your team in all these ways and more?  Give us a call right now or fill out the quote form and we’ll get you set up with a Team Synergy ™ workshop.