We know a lot about team building, but only you know what your team needs!  That’s why there’s Completely Custom, a team building workshop created uniquely for you and built around the goals you want to achieve right here in Minneapolis.

Anything-Everything-Completely-Custom-Team-Building-LogoCompletely Custom was created because so many of our clients come to us with an already-defined goal in mind.  Or sometimes they simply come with an issue or an obstacle they’re facing with productivity at work and we do the rest.

How a Completely Custom workshop is created…

Step One: the initial consultation.

Completely Custom begins with you.  Tell us your goals, and we’ll deliver a workshop experience that’s completely built around getting your team from Point A to Point B.

  • Perhaps you want to boost morale during a stressful chain of events in the workplace.
  • Perhaps you’re experiencing rapid growth and the team needs help “gelling”  so they can become productive again.
  • Perhaps you need help refocusing your team for an upcoming project or event where you’ll need 100% input from everyone.
  • Or perhaps you’ve got a number of  “all-star” members in your group who tend to dominate the scene and you want to encourage more balanced collaboration.

No matter what you’ve got in mind, you’ll get a personalized workshop where every activity targets your goals.

Step two: a 100% engaging workshop for your group.

And no matter what combination of activities we put together for your event, you’re guaranteed a 100% engaging environment where nobody feels uncomfortable or embarrassed about participating.

How do we do that?  We begin by warming up the group and eliminating stress from the scene.  Once everyone’s on the same page and a certain level of trust has been established, the real work begins.

This proven formula for team building success works because it allows participants to focus on the task at hand.  And that’s where our facilitators come in!

Step three: built-in challenges that drive your team to push for success and skills improvement.

We aren’t just playing games here…although it may look like it!

Each hands-on activity incorporates team-building challenges that push participants to use new skills and improve old ones.  Of course those skills tie in with your stated goals for the group.

Step four: steps for long-lasting change and future improvement.

Each workshop combines interactive challenges with follow-up debriefing sessions.  That’s where the real magic takes place.  Participants lock in those improvements by talking about them with the group. Don’t worry, our professional facilitators know how to keep things rolling so everyone feels comfortable participating!

It’s all part of our time-tested recipe for workshop success- Activity, Challenge, Debrief, Transfer.  It’s that last crucial step that separates our workshops from the rest: Transfer.

Transfer means the team building doesn’t stop when the workshop is over.  We take all the necessary steps to ensure your goals are met and that your team continues to make progress long after they’ve left the workshop venue.  It’s about taking your goals and seeing long-term change towards them, day by day and week after week.

Completely Custom gives your team the building blocks for real change- tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll show your team how to get there!