Ready to have your team make a real impact on the world? How about a stuffed animal team building event!

The Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building workshop gets your group excited about building team skills. And with a workshop like Rescue-Buddies-Stuffed-Animal-Team-Building-Workshop-Logothis one, why shouldn’t they be? In this interactive event, your team won’t just be building valuable workplace skills. They’ll be focused on the important task of helping out first responders.

It’s team building and community-based charitable work all rolled into one.

What happens during a Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop?

During the stuffed animal team building events, teams compete in hands-on activities.  These activities are designed to build workplace skills like communication and collaboration while participants have fun completing goals together.  After each module, they’re one step closer to being able to complete their Rescue Buddy stuffed animals.

The stuffed animals are used by fire fighters, EMTs and other first responders to comfort children in distress.  We’re often told they’re in short supply and the men and women who use them on the job often pay for them out of their own pockets.  Your group helps out by providing a fresh supply of the Buddies.  Talk about making an impact!

Nothing brings a group together more than working together for a good cause.

Minneapolis-Team-Building-Rescue-Buddies-Stuffed-Animal-Team-Building-Big-GroupThe charitable mission of Rescue Buddies keeps everyone engaged, motivated, and eager to work hard towards their goals.  We simply make sure those goals are aligned with one another…they are building teams, working on individual workplace skills, and creating something special for a local charity.  Our activity developers know how to make it all happen in one seamless, highly productive and thoroughly enjoyable event.

Lasting connections are made, while skills get a boost.

People who’ve completed a Rescue Buddies stuffed animal team building workshop will often say the most memorable aspect of their experience was the chance to make real connections with the local community.  That’s partly due to the impact of the donation ceremony at the end of the workshop.  We can arrange to have a representative of the receiving charity visit the workshop to receive the Buddies.  Usually that rep will have a touching story about how powerful these Buddies are when it comes to comforting the children.

Foster alliances in the office and throughout the community.

So, while the team is busy focusing on assembling Rescue Buddies for kids in distress, our facilitators are there to funnel the process through proven learning channels.  That’s how participants come to assemble stuffed animals but leave with improved workplace skills.  Building skills like communication, big picture thinking, and recognizing diversity are just part of everything we do around here, even when it’s working to help you serve the community.

If you’d like to schedule a Rescue Buddies workshop for your group, just give us a call or fill out a quote form and we’ll get started helping you build connections right now.