Boston Scientific Celebrates a Good Year With a Wheelcharity™ Workshop

Building wheelchairs for charity right here in Minneapolis is a great way to give back.

Boston-Scientific-LogoSometimes the simplest goals are the best.  In the case of Boston Scientific, a developer of medical technology sold around the world, the goals were to celebrate the year and give back to the Minneapolis community.

The Wheelcharity ™ workshop was Boston Scientific ‘s highlight event.

After multiple hours of meetings, the Boston Scientific employees were treated to the Wheelcharity ™ team building workshop as a closing event.  Their leader wanted something which would cap off the day in a special way.

Turns out Wheelcharity ™ fit the bill in several ways: as a charity event that sends wheelchairs to people who need them, it merges nicely with Boston Scientific’s company culture.  They do make medical devices, after all!

And giving back to the Minneapolis community fits their mission of corporate social responsibility, too.  They all had a great time, too…mission accomplished!

 Communication is the key to everything.

WheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoOur workshops stress a number of important teamwork skills, but none is more important than good communication.  Teams were called upon to communicate in new ways with one another during the workshop activities, stretching their capacity for teamwork in ways they never imagined!

First, while assembling the wheelchairs which were to be donated, teams were presented with some challenging obstacles.  They used their creativity to solve problems and collaborate on solutions to win wheelchair parts for their donations. Then, a safety check was performed on each chair.  Next, more challenging obstacles were in store for the teams.

In some cases, the challenging obstacles were quite literal!  After parts were earned and wheelchairs were assembled, an obstacle course was set up by the facilitator.  Each team chose one member to be blindfolded – that was the “driver- pusher”.  Another team member was in the chair, guiding his or her blindfolded partner through the course.

As you can imagine, lots of laughter ensued!  Teams needed lots of encouragement to get through that one.

An inspiring speaker takes center stage.

Finally, to end the day, a representative from Wheels for the World arrived to give a guest speech.  Don Bania Jr. works with the organization to disseminate wheelchairs throughout Minneapolis, the entire state of Minnesota, and across the country too.  In fact, as the name implies, they send wheelchairs all over the world!


Mr. Bania’s speech reminded everyone about the mobility challenges that face so many around the world.  He is a quadriplegic, and gave some very practical advice on how to communicate with someone who has a disability.  The Boston Scientific teams were captivated by his words, and left the room encouraged as well as enlightened.  It was a capstone moment for another great Minneapolis team building event.