Ready to Transform Your Group Into a Real Team? Minneapolis Team Building Can Help

If you’ve had the good fortune to be part of a highly effective team, then you know the difference between a group of people and a team.  You might also know that it’s a complex blend of ingredients which go into the making of a productive team.

Most people couldn’t put their finger on what it takes to create a high-performing all-star team, but we do.  We practically wrote the book on great team building in Minneapolis, and you benefit every time we deliver a workshop together.

Big Picture Workshops – Minneapolis Flavor.

Our professional facilitators have been all over conducting corporate and charity team building workshops for small and large companies alike.  Your group receives the full benefit of working with seasoned and passionate professionals who know what it takes to motivate and engage every participant.

We know Minneapolis, and we know what makes teams work.  That, combined with our carefully crafted hands-on activities tailored to fit your goals, makes for a high rate of success in everything we do.

Creating teams: the first step is listening to you.

minneapolis-team-building-events-square-logoOne reason you can count on results with our workshops is that we begin the process of creating every workshop by listening to you.  In the initial consultation phase, we let you tell us your goals or the challenges facing your team.  That provides the starting point for everything we do after that.

With your goals in mind, we assemble the perfect blend of interactive modules, each building on the ones that came before, until your team is led gradually towards tangible improvement by the end of the day.

This is what happens when team building activities are targeted towards your goals.

Time-tested techniques and razor-sharp intuition from our facilitators means your group remains highly engaged throughout each activity during their workshop.  And everyone knows that when participants are engaged, they’re motivated to do better and work harder.

That energy is funneled into productive yet fun challenges that offer results in the following areas:

communication | collaboration | big picture thinking
recognizing diversity | brainstorming | working with limited resources

Customized workshops that deliver.

It’s time to demand more from team building workshops.  Invest your training dollars in activities that engage your team with relevant, fun, and thought-provoking activities whose lessons translate easily back to the work environment.  Stop scheduling embarrassing “team bonding” games for your group and help them live up to their potential instead.

Call us today and we’ll customize any of our corporate or charity workshops to suit your goals and your team’s personality.  Minneapolis Team Building will inspire your group to be more individually and to become a better team.