The Leverage Group Helps Out First Responders Here In Minneapolis

For a group of Leverage Group software end users, a day in Minneapolis turned out to be much more than they’d bargained for!

Rescue-Buddies-Stuffed-Animal-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoThe primary goal for this group of 100 strangers was to get to know one another.  Since the only thing they had in common was they all used software developed by the Leverage Group, a lighter approach to team building was in the cards.

The Rescue Buddies™ workshop is perfect for networking and getting to know one another.

We chose Rescue Buddies ™ because it’s a fun way to bring groups together.  United under the cause of helping out first responders, they find common ground for getting to know one another.  There’s also a pretty strong “fun factor”!

That’s what made Rescue Buddies™ the perfect team building workshop for the Leverage Group.  Here’s how their day went:

“One-Minute Commercials” lets everyone be creative.

Leverage Group Rescue Buddies Buddies On Table.jpgOne of our favorite activities is “One Minute Commercials”, where the group splits off into teams who create TV commercials for an imaginary product or service.  We had 100 participants for this workshop, so there were 10 teams.

You know what goes into creating a good TV commercial: you need writers, producers, directors and of course…stars!   One reason this activity is so effective at building teams is that everyone gets to play a role.  Half the team building work is done during the role-assignment phase.  Members negotiate and need to put forth some good communication skills to get it right!

The task: create a 1-minute commercial with props made from items supplied by us.  The result?  Well, we don’t know what makes Leverage software end users such great producers of TV commercials, but the end products were absolutely incredible!

Every commercial was wonderfully creative in its own way.  The actors were carefully chosen and everything went off without a hitch.  It was great to see what well-planned teamwork can accomplish.

On to the Rescue Buddies™ phase…

Leverage-Group-Rescue-Buddies-Group-At-Table.jpgWe weren’t sure what could top those amazing commercials, but the next phase of the workshop was pretty compelling too.  This is where teams got down to business and started creating their Rescue Buddies™.

Rescue Buddies™ go to Minneapolis first responders.  In this case, the Leverage Group chose to donate their assembled Rescue Buddies™ to the Saint Paul Fire Department.  They use the stuffed animals to comfort children at the scene of a fire or other emergency they respond to.

The teams put together over 100 stuffed bunnies, so each of the participants was able to feel a personal connection to the giving process: one from each member.  Everyone loved the sense of giving back to the community.  The Saint Paul Fire Department got a helpful batch of bunnies!  Goals accomplished: another stuffed animal team building event success story.