If you want to get creative about team building, the Big Picture ™ lets your group discover their inner Picassos while they boost their skills.

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoCreating a collective collage from art materials brings out individual styles of collaboration and highlights patterns of behavior within the group.  That sets the tone for learning the value of a diversity of styles in the workplace.

Diversity leads to success.

The hands-on activities in this team building workshop are highly engaging and encourage 100% participation.  Participants learn that there’s no “right” way to contribute to group projects.  Rather, there are many different ways, and each forms part of the big picture.

Literally and figuratively, your group sees the value in considering the big picture from different points of view.  The message is carried back to the workplace: there’s value in diversity!

Here’s how we ensure transferability.

We don’t just hope the workshop lessons get carried back to the office.  Our four-step model of workshop design ensures lessons transfer easily into real-life scenarios in a workplace environment.

Those four steps of workshop success are:

  1. Challenge.  Facilitators challenge your group with thought-provoking activities.
  2. Activity.  Interactive, engaging modules encourage total participation and group success.
  3. Debrief.  Facilitators initiate discussions leading to connections being made between workshop activities and the real world.
  4. Transfer.  Transfer happens once you’re all back at work and continues to build, long after the workshop has ended.  We’re talking long-term improvement here!

What can you learn from the Big Picture ™?

Usually, group success is locked in when everyone contributes, even if it’s just in tiny and seemingly unimportant ways.  You never know which  ideas will spark the one that eventually leads to success.

Activities included in the Big Picture ™ encourage total participation: each group will need to find a way to get everyone to take part in overall success.  This has direct implications for collaboration levels back in the office.

Here are some of the concepts which can be covered in this workshop:

  • letting go of the fear of sharing one’s ideas
  • respect for diverse opinions
  • sharing of ideas
  • incorporating a wide variety of input from the group
  • communicating for the end goal of collaboration

In the Big Picture ™, collaboration is key.

Higher rates of collaboration lead to success when everyone works together to complete the huge work of art in this workshop.  Every idea does not become a winner, but participants learn that doesn’t matter: what does matter is that everyone takes part in the final outcome.

Once you see these principles in action back in the work environment, you’ll have witnessed positive change in a very real and tangible way!

Sounds good?  Then give us a call or use the quote form to learn more about this workshop.