Team Fusion breaks down your team’s barriers in a fun, interactive way

Imagine how productive your group would be if they never encountered any problems.  Unfortunately, enterprise-level challenges and problems with group dynamics happen all the time in the workplace, cutting down on productivity and zapping morale.
That’s why we created Team Fusion ™, a workshop that refocuses your team so they can get through whatever challenges they’re facing at the moment.

Team Fusion™ brings teams together in the face of challenge.

Experiencing a low point in morale?  Finding it difficult to manage the repercussions of corporate change?  Preparing for a shakeup in the structure of your teams?  Rapid expansion?  No matter what your team is facing, Team Fusion™ gives them the skills they need to face it with confidence and a unified voice…that’s what teams are all about, after all.

When you have challenges, Team Fusion ™ offers solutions.

Corporate-Team-Building-Activities-Team-Fusion-Helium-StickIt happens to every team: they lose focus when faced with a stressful challenge.  Team Fusion™ realigns the energies of your team so they regain their confidence and can start working as a team again.  It’s all about finding that energy for positive change that comes from knowing your colleagues have the same goals as you.

During Team Fusion™, the goals are simple and stress free.  Participants regain their trust in one another as they make their way through the interactive tasks and problem-solving activities that make up this workshop.  Building trust, confidence, and camaraderie, they regain their team mentality and re-learn to rise to any occasion together.

Team Fusion™ is low stress but the goal is high achievement.

This corporate development workshop may sound like it’s all fun and games, but know this: behind each fun game is a sound educational principle at work, helping your team learn valuable skills so they become better employees.  The goal here is workplace effectiveness and improved skills…in other words, a better team!

Each hands-on activity is carefully selected to engage your group and get them on track towards positive change.  Even groups with morale issues will get into the swing of things.

Forget embarrassing team bonding games: this is team building!

Corporate-Team-Building-Activities-Team-Fusion-TableOur professional facilitators take their jobs seriously and know how to get everyone involved at his or her own level.  Nobody is made to feel embarrassed our singled out- they simply contribute in their own individual ways…it’s part of recognizing diversity in work styles and it makes a great lesson for participants too.

Team Fusion ™ participants overcome thought-provoking challenges together in a low-stress environment, building confidence and strengthening the team.  Then, our facilitators help them plug those lessons into the workplace setting for long-term skills improvement.

Does this sound like what your team needs?  Give us a call or fill out a quote request, tell us your team’s challenge, and we’ll put together a Team Fusion ™ workshop just for them.