The key to becoming an all-star team player is knowing yourself and your colleagues.  It’s a known fact that when team members understand personality styles, communication improves by leaps and bounds.  Eventually, you’ve got an A+ team on your hands!

DiSC Personality Training is the key to everything when it comes to communicating.

Everything-DiSC-Authorized-PartnerWe’re proud to have a certified DiSC Personality Training instructor right here in Minneapolis, ready to work for your team.  What is DiSC Personality Training?  It’s a powerful framework for understanding human behavior.  Based on four distinct personality styles, it provides participants with a way of understanding one another on deeper levels.  The goal: improved communication and increased collaboration.

What is DiSC™ Personality Training?

The more we understand behavior, the better we are able to communicate with one another.  DiSC™ Personality Training teaches participants to value diverse personality styles rather than to see them as various versions of right and wrong. With DiSC™, there is no right or wrong style, only different styles.

In fact, DiSC™ Personality Training teaches your team that the diversity in styles is what makes their team and every team great.  The more diverse a team, the more resources it as to draw upon when facing obstacles.

Chances are, every team has at least one of the four main personality types according to DiSC™:

  1. Dominant
  2. Influencing
  3. Steady
  4. Compliant

In fact, nobody is just one style: we’re mostly a blend of styles…but each participant gets to find out his or her own mix in this workshop.

Learn about personality styles and turn that into actionable tips for better communication.

By actually taking the DiSC™ Assessment before the workshop, participants arrive ready to learn about their styles and the styles of their colleagues.

Coming away with a deeper understanding of personality styles is one thing, but this workshop goes a step further and helps participants put that knowledge to practical use for the workplace.

Once teams learn their styles, they can start to bridge communication gaps.  That’s because they’ll also learn how styles interact with each other.

First understanding behavior, then bridging communication gaps.  The final step is adjusting behavior according to DiSC™ personality types you’re dealing with.  Participants learn valuable insights into behavior that teaches them what to expect when communicating with the various styles.  Group interaction gets elevated to a whole new level as team members practice new ways of communicating.  It’s so satisfying to return to work and witness the group putting it all together during real-life scenarios back in the office!

If your team could benefit from DiSC Personality Training, give us a call or fill out our handy quote form.