The best way to challenge a high-energy team is to send them out into the streets of Minneapolis for our Amazing Scavenger Race.

This is one of our most popular team building workshops because it provides a rich environment for testing out team skills…and it’s a whole lot of fun as well!

Test your team’s skills in a fresh, new environment.

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Team-Building-LogoFor teams who’ve already nailed it with communication skills, The Amazing Scavenger Race provides a challenging backdrop for working on their advanced communication skills.  As they go from challenge to challenge during the race across Minneapolis, they’ll be encountering new situations together.  Asked to solve problems and accomplish small goals at each node of the game, teams discover new ways of communicating.

Tasks require creative thinking, Big Picture thinking, and total participation from each team player.  It’s a great way to put skills to the test!

Practicing skills that make sense for the workplace, teams work together to complete the zany race across Minneapolis.

Minneapolis-Scavenger-Hunt-Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Fun-GroupHigh-level teamwork requires that each participant recognize and respect the diversity of talent in his or her colleagues.  Believe it or not, this zany scavenger race across Minneapolis challenges high-energy teams in all the right ways.

They’re having a ball completing each fun challenge, but the teamwork goals are woven into the fabric of all these fun and games.  Lessons about teamwork form an integral part of the Amazing Scavenger Race, so teams are having fun but the real goal is improving their workplace skills.

See the city in a new light as you build teamwork skills.

Minneapolis-Scavenger-Hunt-Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Ice-Cream-TruckWe incorporate fun destinations all around Minneapolis when we design each Amazing Scavenger Race team building workshop.  Teams must take pictures at each stop along the way, proving their tasks have been completed.  Points are given for creativity, too, so imagine all the zaniness that emerges as teams tap into their creative sides!

Then at the final rendevous spot, teams come together for a hilarious slide show made from the day’s pictures.  It’s a high-energy finale to a high-energy team building workshop that’s actually as practical as it is fun to carry out.

Customization: no problem!

We’ll even design a race around spots you suggest in Minneapolis.  Have a theme you’d like us to use?  We’ll customize the workshop around that, too.  Anything’s possible- just give us a call and we’ll schedule an Amazing Scavenger Race that’s perfect for your group and your goals.