Fulfill multiple goals when you choose the Wheelcharity™ Wheelchair Team Building Workshop.

WheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoGive back to Minnesota’s citizens while you build the cornerstone for long-term workplace skills that make your team better at everything they do.

Sounds like a tall order for just one team building event, but you’d be surprised at what your team will achieve when all energies are focused on doing something good for others!  That’s the power of social giving at work: people working for a common cause will reach higher and push their limits …all in the name of teamwork!

Watch what happens when teams get excited about giving back…

Many people don’t know this, but a lot of those who need wheelchairs to get around simply can’t afford them.  Wheelchairs are incredibly expensive, which is why we created the Wheelcharity™ Team Building Workshop.

It’s a way for corporate groups like yours to give back to the Minnesota community in a way that makes practical sense for real people, right now.  At this moment, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of people right here in our own state who could use a wheelchair, or upgrade to a better one.

This workshop puts your group to work assembling wheelchairs, and matches them with a Minnesota charity for distribution of the finished product.

We put the right kind of challenge into building wheelchairs.

When your team sets out to assemble wheelchairs, they’ll find a challenging set of tasks before them.  These tasks have been artfully designed to test and strengthen their skills in areas that will make them better team players.

In a Wheelcharity™ wheelchair team building workshop, assembling wheelchairs comes down to much more than putting parts together.  Teams compete in friendly competitions that put their teamwork skills to the test.

Faced with obstacles to overcome and puzzles to solve together, participants find ways to work together, discovering hidden strengths that they can develop and later draw upon when faced with teamwork challenges in the workplace.

As deeper connections are made and team members gain an understanding of colleagues’ communication styles, whole new worlds are opened up, leading to increased productivity back in the workplace.

All that from building wheelchairs for local charities!

There are many steps to building a wheelchair.

You can expect a lot from the Wheelcharity™ team building workshop because we demand a lot from your group.  They’ll be engaged in fun activities but they’ll also be involved in challenging tasks that ask of them some solid work on several levels.

That’s because Wheelcharity™ and all of our workshops are based on a four-part model of team building:

  1. Challenge
  2. Activity
  3. Debrief
  4. Transfer

Most team building companies offer the Activity phase, but the other steps can be nonexistent.  Wheelcharity™ offers the right challenges (communication, collaboration, creative thinking, etc).  Then we add a “debrief” phase that challenges participants to think over the workshop lessons and discuss their new skills.

That leads the final stage: “transfer”, which means groups come away with the knowledge of how to use their workshop skills in real-life settings at work.  That means you can look forward to long-lasting improvements in your team!

Call us to make positive changes here in Minnesota.

If you’d like to lock in some positive change for your group, please call us or fill out the handy quote form you see on this site.  We’ll answer all your questions about our wheelchair team building workshop, plus let you know how this workshop can be customized to match your group’s goals.  Whichever way it turns out, you know that by choosing Wheelcharity™ you’ll be making a real difference for people right here in Minnesota.