Wagon Builders it a team building workshop focused on getting teams to work together on something they can all believe in.

Wagon-Builders-Charity-Team-Building-Workshop-Logo“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Henry ford knew about teamwork- and we took his words to heart when we came up with Wagon Builders ™.

And of course who doesn’t believe in the hope of childhood dreams?

Little red wagons are the stuff childhood is made of – they embody everything for kids: adventure, freedom, and hope.  That’s why we chose to create an entire team building workshop around these timeless icons of childhood.

Here’s how little red wagons can help make your team better.

The goal of Wagon Builders ™ is for teams to assemble little red wagons, and then fill them with items that kids or their families need.  Teams are building a wonderful gift for kids, one they’ll  fill with treasures to accompany them on all their future adventures.

Teams aren’t just building wagons, though.  They’re building hope for families who might need a little extra help.  Little red wagons can be filled with any type of donation: food items, holiday gifts, household items, toys…make the donation fit your workshop theme, the season, or the charity you’ve chosen.

And by building bridges with local families in Minnesota your team is also making important connections that strengthen both your company’s culture and the community at large.  Everyone wants to work for a company that cares!

How building wagons leads to breaking down silos.

The charitable aspect of Wagon Builders ™ is clearly written into everything that takes place during this workshop.  But what’s not quite so obvious is all the hard work your team is putting in as well!

Teams are focused on building those red wagons but the activities are of course designed to boost teamwork proficiency.  For example, teams aren’t just given tools and parts to assemble their wagons.  They earn these things by completing collaborative tasks that challenge a range of skills.

Depending on your goals, these skills can include communication, big picture thinking, and more.

Here are some of the business applications of this workshop:

  • Creative problem-solving
  • Resource management
  • Improved communication

By working together on fun, hands-on activities which lead to making a collective donation to a Minnesota charity, your team builds up camaraderie, improves skills, and makes a valuable contribution to the community.

There’s simply no place for communication silos amidst all the great things that take place during Wagon Builders ™!  The barriers to communication that can so easily build up at work begin to dissolve as participants find new ways of connecting in order to achieve their workshop goals.

Building for the future: yours too!

It’s a great thing to see teams working together to build hope for kids and families.  But that’s not all they’re building…

They’re also building a framework for their own futures as well.  You see, the skills they learn and practice during this workshop are just the beginning.  They’ll continue to strengthen those competencies even long after the workshop has ended.

Once back at the office they’ll be able to build upon the simple lessons of the wagon workshop.  That’s called “transfer” and it’s what separates us from our competitors.  We take steps to ensure your team isn’t simply building red wagons or learning about communication in a bubble.

We include follow-up activities to lock in those lessons and facilitate the transfer process of new skills back to the work environment.

Ready to build something?  Call us!

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