Puttin Pantry combines the best of team building activities with the motivational force of working for a good cause.

Was there ever a better way to build a team?  It’s fun, challenging, rewarding…everything your team needs to make positive change in their world and beyond.
Our clients love Puttin Pantry because participants come away with not only a new set of skills but also a sense that they’ve done something good for others.  Puttin Pantry can become an important part of your company’s corporate social responsibility as well as a new platform for building a better team.

Fun, engaging, and focused on results.

Sure, teams will be designing mini golf courses, building them and eventually golfing during Puttin Pantry.  It sounds like fun and games but what’s really happening is skill development your team will take back to office for continual, long-term positive change.

Here’s how Puttin Pantry works.

Minneapolis-Team-Building-Puttin-Pantry-CourseAfter some initial icebreaker activities, teams are given the challenging task of creating a mini golf course.  The building materials?  Pantry items!  Boxed and canned food become the construction materials for each mini golf course, which is designed collaboratively by the teams.

Each golf course will be the unique product of a team’s creative efforts.  As they make their way through the various stages of development…brainstorming the design, assigning roles for implementation, and finally competing on their courses, teams get to practice new modes of communication.

The pantry food items will be donated to local food shelters in the local community, once the workshop has come to an end.

Some local shelters:

People Serving People | Higher Ground Shelter | House of Charity

The magic of Puttin Pantry: here’s why it works.

Working to create a unified vision for their mini golf course, teams are challenged to work together, discovering new roles for themselves in the group process.  They’ll be building skills in the following areas, before they even begin building their courses:

  • resource management
  • measuring success
  • using feedback to improve processes
  • advanced communication
  • recognizing diversity

From the visionary stage to completion and testing out their golf courses, teams learn that total participation from each member is the best way to achieve their goals.

Discover new roles, build confidence and strengthen teams.

Minneapolis-Team-Building-Puttin-Pantry-Fun-CourseRecognizing diverse talents from each of their members, teams will call upon leaders, creative types, managers, and organizers.  Participants have the opportunity to show a different side of themselves…managers follow orders, leaders become builders, and creative types try their hand at running the show.

Everyone wins with Puttin Pantry- if you’d like to schedule this charitable team building workshop for your group, call us today or simply request a quote here.  We’ll be happy to answer your questions or show you how Puttin Pantry can be customized for you.