Mission Military Care is your chance to make a difference in the every day lives of those service men and women.

Mission-Military-Care-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoWhen it comes to changing the world and putting something on the line, members of our military display enormous courage in serving their country. Those stationed overseas are often away from those they love, making their courage even more admirable.

That’s why we offer the Mission Military Care Team Building Workshop. It’s our way of helping Minnesota businesses support our overseas service men and women through charitable donations that go right to these brave men and women stationed around the world.

Sending out support, one care package at a time.

Through the activities in this workshop, your team will create care packages full of thoughtful items for overseas troops.

They can include necessary staples, fun items, holiday gifts, or anything that fits the theme or the season.

We’ve partnered with several charitable organizations, who will make sure your team’s care packages get sent out to the brave men and women stationed around the world. These organizations are:

  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Operation Shoebox
  • Operation Gratitude

Your team will value the opportunity to help those who display such courage- you’ll actually see in action the motivational forces of doing good together!

Courage inspires courage.

One of the goals of Mission Military Care is to improve your team’s communication skills. Believe it or not, we draw inspiration from the military service men and women in order to achieve this goal!

We all know that members of the military are some of the most courageous among us. Each and every man and woman must rise to the occasion to fulfill his or her part in the overall structure of the team.

Well it works the same way with teamwork in the office too…albeit on a much smaller scale! When each and every team member contributes, the team gets stronger…more creative, more productive, and more efficient.

But what often impedes participation is fear of failure. In this workshop, participants learn that everyone’s input has value. Even the smallest input can spark ideas in others.

Redefining success to strengthen your team.

Finding the courage to share ideas is how we define success in this workshop- and it becomes easy once participants realize they’re in a stress-free zone.

That’s one of the jobs of our facilitators, by the way. They ensure everyone is ready to participate by leading the group through a series of fun, hands-on activities designed to build trust and foster an atmosphere of camaraderie. Then, the teamwork challenges can begin!

Participants learn about:

  • collaboration
  • finding solutions via new communication patterns
  • creative problem solving
  • big picture thinking

If you’d like to support our military service men and women while you build teamwork skills, please call or fill out the handy quote form you’ll find on this site. We’ll be happy to help your Minnesota team get involved!