Preparation for success is the theme of the Mission Kids Care workshop, where teams help out local Minnesota kids who are getting ready to head back to school.

Mission-Kids-Care-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoYou may not know this, but the back-to-school season places a heavy burden on some of Minnesota’s poorest families.  Kids need backpacks, notebooks, pen, and many other supplies necessary for success in school.  Many parents simply can’t afford everything, which is where Mission Kids Care comes in.

This is a workshop that puts action into the idea of social change…your team will assemble school care packages for families who need help preparing their kids with supplies for the school year.

Preparation for success works for everyone.

Kids need to start out on the right foot at school in order to succeed.  By helping out with school supplies, we can help ensure success.

But it’s a lesson for everyone: preparation goes a long way towards success in achieving any goal…especially in the workplace!  So often we’re given tasks at work and there’s very little time to plan for the best outcome.

Teams who find a way to carve out even just a small amount of time for planning are ultimately the most efficient and productive.  By stressing the value of preparation during the workshop activities, we hope to strengthen the notion that there’s always time for a little planning!

There are powerful forces at work here!

A funny thing happens when groups share a common goal that everyone believes in: they work harder!  In a group setting like this, we’ve seen it over and over again: the power of a socially-driven purpose is far stronger than the individual will to succeed when it comes to team building workshops.

We put that charitable energy to work and let it drive every activity that makes up a Mission Kids Care workshop.  Participants know they’re making a difference in people’s lives and that boosts the collaborative spirit by tenfold.  And when people are motivated to collaborate, they’ll find ways around every obstacle you put in front of them!

That’s where the team building skill work takes place.  Each module is carefully constructed to challenge important skills like communication, collaboration, and creative problem solving.  In the end, your team will have produced care packages for school kids but they’ll also come away with skills which will translate directly back to their workplace.

Minnesota’s kids get a boost while your team gets involved.

If you’d like to offer your team a way to really make a difference, Mission Kids Care offers a practical solution for problem that persists with some of Minnesota’s poorest families.  Teams build skills while they assemble care packages.  Then, we work with local charities who make sure the packages are distributed to families in and around your community.

If you’d like to schedule a workshop for your team, where they can put words into action and make a real difference plus come away with some valuable teamwork skills, give us a call.  Alternatively, you can fill out our quote form for more information.