The Happy Tails Team Building Workshop allows your group to give back to local hard-working shelters, while making it possible for people to adopt rescue pets.

“The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog.”

So many of us take comfort and joy from pet ownership- and our Minnesota pet shelters make it all possible.

Pet care packages help pets get adopted.

Happy-Tails-Animal-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoWith the cost of leashes, collars, food dishes and more, pet adoption becomes an expensive proposition for many would-be pet owners.  In fact, the cost is prohibitive for some, leaving pets un-adopted and people without pets to bring home and love.

Happy Tails aims to change that- by offering a practical solution to the problem in the form of pet adoption care packages for new pet owners!  Teams assemble boxes including necessary items for adopting a pet, thereby defraying that up-front cost.

The result?  More pets get adopted, your local shelter gets a boost, and everyone goes home happy.  In addition, your team goes back to work with a fresh set of skills bound to make them more productive on the job.

Here’s how pet care packages lead to teamwork success.

There’s charity work, and then there’s charity work with an underlying goal.  We believe that when you galvanize a group for a common cause, there’s plenty of energy there for a dual-purpose event.  They’re motivated to complete their pet care packages because they believe in what they’re doing to help out Minnesota’s pet shelters.

They’re also excited to work on such important team skills as communication, big picture thinking, and creative problem solving.  That’s because those skills are built into everything that takes place during a Happy Tails team building workshop!

We focus that positive energy onto tasks designed to test skills and reinforce notions like:

  • each member of a team has his or her own unique communication style
  • no style is better than the others: just different
  • when we recognize that diversity in styles is an asset, we grow
  • the more we know about communication styles, the better we become at teamwork

Our time-tested techniques are delivered in fun, interactive modules that show your team the value of learning advanced communication styles, among other important skills for the workplace.  Professional facilitators ensure 100% participation by creating a stress-free zone where everyone feels comfortable getting involved.  The underlying social purpose of this workshop guarantees it!

Ask us about customizing a Happy Tails workshop for your group.

If your company already has an alliance with a charitable group, we can work with that.  Normally we partner with a local Minnesota pet shelter but this is your workshop and we’re happy to work with any shelter of your choosing.  Sometimes clients choose to have their donations go to the ASPCA.

You can also choose the length of your Happy Tails workshop- from 2.5 hours to a day-long or even weekend-long event.  To find out how, just give us a call or fill out the quote form you see on this site.  We look forward to hearing from you!