Put some teeth in your company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives and get everyone involved!

Charity-Giving-Stations-Workshop-LogoGiving strategies have changed – companies aren’t just writing checks to charities anymore.  They’re getting their employees actively involved in the giving process, and that’s why we created Charity Giving Stations.

This workshop has a 100% focus on charity, so your team becomes part of the social mission of the company they work for.  Isn’t it better when everyone is working together?

Here’s how total giving works.

Since the focus is hands-on activities aimed at creating items for donating to charity, we set things up for maximum movement and quick action.  Your team will find it easy to move from station to station, doing their part to complete the bicycles, wheelchairs, or whatever items you’ve chosen to donate.

Working together for Minneapolis.

Charity-Giving-Stations-Teddy-BearsOnce everything is assembled, built, or created everything goes out to charities in Minneapolis.  We love the idea (and so do our clients) of giving locally.  Why not benefit our own city with the charitable work we do, right here in Minneapolis?

Wheelchairs can go to local hospitals.  Bicycles can go the Minneapolis Boys & Girls Club.  Little red wagons can go to any virtually any charitable organization…food pantries, women’s shelters, or the pediatric wing of our hospitals.

Giving stations make great icebreakers!

As it turns out, all the movement between stations is what makes this workshop a great networking event.  As individual participants move about, each has maximum exposure to everyone else taking part in the donation event.

Talk about getting the crowd to circulate!

And it’s not just networking events…the Charity Giving Stations workshop is also great in the following circumstances as well:

  • When you have a large group- we can accommodate hundreds of participants with this workshop!
  • When you have a conference and need a break, a filler, or a stress relief activity- the interactive nature of this workshop is a great antidote for sitting at long presentations, speeches, or meetings.
  • Holiday parties, end of the year parties, or events to ring in the New Year.  Is there a better way to celebrate the holiday season or begin the new year than to get together and build donations for your community?

Create your own Charity Giving Stations.

We let you choose how your event will go.  Choose from four of our most popular charity team building workshops:



Each team building workshop has been distilled down to its charitable components, setting aside for now most of the team building activities.  Of course being who we are, we leave a little team-building flavor in the mix.  It’s what we do!  The focus is on building things for Minneapolis charities, but everything gets done within the framework of good old teamwork.

Your event can consist of one or all of the above charity elements, or create your own mix.  A popular blend is Bike-A-Thon™ + Wagon Builders™.  Groups build bicycles and assemble little red wagons filled with treasures.

Little Red Wagons™ is easily transformed into a holiday event by customizing its contents.  Gifts for families, kids, or women at shelters can become holiday donations for your company’s part in Minneapolis’s giving season.

If your company has a partnership already set up, we can customize Charity Giving Stations so that donations go to your the charitable organization you specify.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.